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Simon Balicourt

Set 2: Sonatas nos. 3 in F major and 4 in C major (flute, basso continuo) Set 2

Simon Balicourt (17061757) was a leading player of, and composer for, the flute during his regrettably short career in London, which extended from 1735, the year of his arrival from the Continent, to his death. He left two sets of flute sonatas (published in 1750 and 1760, respectively), each containing eight beautifully polished and musically imaginative works that draw equally on his German background and on the French-influenced tradition of flute-playing in his adoptive country. Equally suited to educational and concert use, these works, none of which has been published before in a modern critical edition, deserve a place in the forefront of the late-baroque repertory for transverse flute.

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