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Trio sonata in G minor, Op.6/15
Psiché (Divertissement) Op. 5/12
pixelMichele Mascitti
This substantial trio sonata, the only one of its type that Mascitti published (and perhaps wrote) was included in his Op. 6 collection (Paris, 1722), where it was preceded by fourteen ordinary violin sonatas. It takes its place among a small but musically very distinguished group of late baroque sonatas for the same combination, which includes examples by Torelli, Vivaldi and Leclair. The constant dialoguing between high and middle registers that is inherent in the scoring produces a fascinating kaleidoscope of sound.
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Composer:  Michele Mascitti
Editor:  Michael Talbot
Publication date:  August 2022
Instruments:  Violin, violoncello (bass viol) and basso continuo
Format:  Full score and parts
Series: Baroque
Pages:  xi/13 + 3 x 8
ISMN:  979 0 708185 68 0 
ISBN:  978 1 914137 22 8
Code:  HH553.FSP
Price:  £23.00               more information

Leaflet Music example(pdf)

PSICHÉ (Divertissement)
Composer:  Michele Mascitti
Editor:  Michael Talbot
Publication date:  August 2022
Instruments:  Violin and basso continuo
Format:  Full score and parts
Series: Baroque
Pages:  xiii/20 + 2 x 8
ISMN:  979 0 708185 71 0 
ISBN:  978 1 914137 24 2
Code:  HH556.FSP
Price:  £22.50               more information

Leaflet Music example(pdf)
ed. Michael Talbot
The ‘divertissement’ Psiché, a ten-movement suite for violin and basso continuo by Michele Mascitti (1663/4–1760), the Neapolitan violinist who did more than anyone else to acclimatize the Italian sonata to a French setting, is unique among his works in having a programmatic basis. It depicts episodes from the famous romantic story of Psyche and Cupid as related in the Latin novel generally known by the name The Golden Ass by the second-century author Apuleius. At the same time, this is Mascitti’s most overt homage to his adoptive country, since several movements in it go further in the direction of the French style than anything else from his pen. It expresses among other things Cupid’s rage at Psyche’s discovery of his identity, her airborne travel powered by the winds and the tenderness between the two lovers after their reconciliation. This is a very original and immediately attractive work.

pixel ABRSM new piano syllabus (2023–24), Grade 6

pixelChristian Hartmann
Published together in 2016, Christian Hartmann’s two piano miniatures have been among our best-selling and greatly appreciated scores. Reviewing them in Pianodao, Andrew Eales wrote:
“I love these two little pieces, and I am sure many late intermediate players will enjoy them equally. They are traditional in the best sense, while the harmonies of the Nocturne in particular have a more contemporary flavour that will nicely appeal to today’s students and players.”
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Composer:  Christian Hartmann
Instruments:  Piano
Format:  Playing score
Series: Contemporary
Pages:  iii/4
ISMN:  979 0 708146 15 5 
Code:  HH398.SOL
Price:  £7.95               more information

Leaflet Music example Little Ballerina (pdf)
Leaflet Music example Nocturne (pdf)
ABRSM Grade 6 Syllabus (2023–24)

pixel ABRSM new piano syllabus 2023–24 Grade 1

Animal Jazz
pixelBarbara Snow
Barbara Snow’s piano collection for beginner pianists, originally published in 2015, is another best-seller. Andrew Eales (Pianodao) writes:
“What impresses me most with this collection is the way in which the composer is able to introduce so much character to each of these highly accessible pieces, but without adding unnecessary complexity in the process.
I can highly recommend ‘Animal Jazz’ as a thoroughly charming collection of jazzy pieces, and suspect my own younger students are going to love it!”

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Composer:  Barbara Snow
Instruments:  Piano
Format:  Playing score
Series: Contemporary
Pages:  v/16
ISMN:  979 0 708092 96 4 
ISBN:  978 1 910359 07 5 
Code:  HH371.SOL
Price:  £8.95               more information

Leaflet Music example (pdf)
ABRSM Grade 1 Syllabus (2023–24)

Piano Concerto in D major, K537
pixelW. A. Mozart | J. N. Hummel
Hummel’s arrangement of the Piano Concerto in D major, K537, the fifth in the series to appear, was published in 1835. The lead-in (Eingänge) models that he provided are particularly valuable in the case of K537, which is among those concertos for which Mozart left no written-out examples. Equally importantly, Hummel might well have witnessed the work’s compositional process and first performance, and thus his own contributions could be considered as authoritative. Read full description
Editor:  Leonardo Miucci |Gigliola Di Grazia
Publication date:  February 2021
Instruments:  Flute, violin, violoncello, pianoforte
Format:  Full score and parts
Duration: c.33'
Series: @Mozart
Pages:  xviii/45 + 3 x 16
ISMN:  979 0 708146 97 1 
ISBN:  978 1 910359 87 7
Code:  HH487.FSP
Price:  £37.00               more information

Notenbeispiel Music example (pdf)
ed. Leonardo Miucci & Gigliola Di Grazia

Watch Gigliola di Grazia play the Larghetto from the Concerto in D major, K537.

Deux Valses
pixelAdriano Cirillo
In these two short piano pieces, Italian composer Adriano Cirillo (b.1951) has sought to capture in music the elusive qualities of nostalgia and melancholy that Charles Baudelaire designated as "Spleen" in his legendary late 19th-century collection of poems Les Fleurs du mal.
Composer: Adriano Cirillo
Publication date:  January 2020
Instrument: Piano
Format: Playing score
Duration: 2 x c.3'
Series: Contemporary
Pages: iv/4
ISMN: 979 0 708185 05 5 
Code: HH495.SOL
Price: £7.95               More information

Notenbeispiel Valse nostalgique
Notenbeispiel Valse mélancolique
"Cirillo certainly has an acute gift for spinning a melodic line; here the main tune weaves its way beautifully through the delicious harmonic twists that underpin it, and will surely delight and melt the hearts of listeners everywhere."
Read Andrew Eales's review in Pianodao

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