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Simon Balicourt

Set 2: Sonatas nos. 3 in F major and 4 in C major

Flute and basso continuo

edited by Michael Talbot

In Sonata 3 in F major the opening Largo is styled as a Siciliana, this species of movement being especially common in the flute repertory on account of the instrumentís pastoral associations. The Spiritoso that follows is a movement both tuneful and energetic. A concluding Presto ramps up the excitement, introducing some piquant harmonies.

Sonata 4 is in the shady key of C minor, relatively rare in flute music of the eighteenth century because of intonation difficulties. The opening Arioso is attractively plaintive. The Allegro moderato that follows has some very effective imitative interplay between flute and bass. For the finale, Balicourt writes a soulful Cantabile in minuet style that recalls similar C minor movements in the music of Alessandro Scarlatti and Francesco Geminiani.

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Set 2: Sonatas nos. 3 in F major and 4 in C major
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