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Six string quartets with titles, Volume 1
Six string quartets with titles, Volume 2
pixelCarlo Monza
The Milanese composer Carlo Monza (1735–1801) was deeply involved in the city’s cultural life at a time when Austrian instrumental innovations and the Italian operatic tradition converged. The six string quartets published here — their first appearance in a modern edition — each bear a title suggesting a narrative or distinctive character. Vol. 1: La Fucina di Vulcano refers to the myth of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and metalworking, who is troubled by jealousy; Gli Amanti Rivali tells the story of two rival lovers fighting for the attention of their beloved; in Opera in Musica Monza introduces a number of Italian operatic clichés to the instrumental genre.

Composer:  Carlo Monza
Editor: Simone Laghi
Publication date:  November 2023
Instruments:  Two violins, viola and violoncello
Format:  Full score and parts
Series: @Mozart
Pages:  xi/35 + 2 x 202 + 2 x 16
ISMN:  979 0 708213 09 3 
ISBN:  978 1 914137 58 7
Code:  HH594.FSP
Price:  £48.00               more information

Leaflet Music example Quartet 1 (pdf)
Leaflet Music example Quartet 2 (pdf)
Leaflet Music example Quartet 3 (pdf)

Composer:  Carlo Monza
Editor: Simone Laghi
Publication date:  November 2023
Instruments:  Two violins, viola and violoncello
Format:  Full score and parts
Series: @Mozart
Pages:  xi/35 + 20 + 3 x 16
ISMN:  979 0 708213 10 9 
ISBN:  978 1 914137 58 7
Code:  HH595.FSP
Price:  £48.00               more information

Leaflet Music example Quartet 4 (pdf)
Leaflet Music example Quartet 5 (pdf)
Leaflet Music example Quartet 6 (pdf)

Vol. 2: Divertimento Notturno is a three-movement serenata or cassazione, a genre popular in Austria during the 18th century and conceived as a musical diversion; La Caccia is one of several string quartets of the time that evoke hunting games, including Haydn’s Op. 1, No. 1 and Mozart’s Op. 10, No. 3; and Il Giuocatore depicts a gambler’s excitement, despair and redemption after a heavy loss during a game of cards. These imaginative works provide great entertainment for performers and listeners alike.

ed. Simone Laghi
pixel MOZART’S Symphony No. 39 arranged for piano by HUMMEL

Symphony No. 39 in E-flat major, K543
pixelW. A. Mozart | J. N. Hummel
According to Mozart’s own thematic catalogue of his works (the Verzeichnüß), which he kept from 1784 to 1791, his final three symphonies were composed within the space of a few weeks, from late June to early August 1788. During that year the 11-year-old Hummel was a resident pupil of Mozart and would have been a daily witness to the creation of these seminal works of the Western musical canon. There is an almost total lack of documentary evidence concerning the circumstances in which these symphonies were written, however, which has led to considerable speculation as to their origins, early performances and reception.

“These editions of transcriptions by Hummel are a very welcome addition to the extensive set of his arrangements of Mozart’s concertos and symphonies published by Edition HH. [They] are fine examples of the important genre of piano transcription of the orchestral and operatic repertoire [and] as such, they are greatly to be treasured by anyone with an interest in the burgeoning piano repertoire of the 19th century.”
The Consort, Vol. 79, 2023
Editor:  Sarah Jenner
Publication date:  November 2023
Instruments:  Pianoforte
Format:  Playing score
Duration: c.26'
Series: @Mozart
Pages:  xii/28
ISMN:  979 0 708185 81 9 
ISBN:  978 1 914137 35 8
Code:  HH566.SOL
Price:  £16.50               more information

Notenbeispiel Music example (pdf)
ed. Sarah Jenner


More Animal Jazz
pixelBarbara Snow
Diving into musical genres from around the world, Barbara Snow has produced another colourful and eclectic collection of piano miniatures, with influences from blues, jump jive, ragtime, latin, disco, funk and classical music. Among the sixteen numbers, ‘Who’s Harry?’ transports us to Africa, with a Nigerian afrobeat groove; ‘Jump Jive Jellyfish’ has a catchy swing; the Cuban cha-cha-cha is gracefully danced by some Chickens; Penguins delight in a parade with a ragtime flavour; and in Brazil the holidaying Alpacas cavort to a jazzy samba. Young pianists will love the pieces in More Animal Jazz, which will surely enjoy the same success among players and teachers as Barbara’s first album (Edition HH, 2015).

Composer: Barbara Snow
Publication date:  October 2023
Instrument: Piano
Format: Playing score
Series: Contemporary
Pages: v/16
ISMN: 979 0 708213 12 3 
ISBN:  978 1 914137 60 0
Code: HH597.SOL
Price: £9.50               More information

Notenbeispiel Cha cha cha

pixel ABRSM new Piano syllabus 2023–24, Grade 6

pixelChristian Hartmann
Published together in 2016, Christian Hartmann’s two piano miniatures have been among our best-selling and greatly appreciated scores. Reviewing them in Pianodao, Andrew Eales wrote:
“I love these two little pieces, and I am sure many late intermediate players will enjoy them equally. They are traditional in the best sense, while the harmonies of the Nocturne in particular have a more contemporary flavour that will nicely appeal to today’s students and players.”
     read more
Composer:  Christian Hartmann
Instruments:  Piano
Format:  Playing score
Series: Contemporary
Pages:  iii/4
ISMN:  979 0 708146 15 5 
Code:  HH398.SOL
Price:  £7.95               more information

Leaflet Music example Little Ballerina (pdf)
Leaflet Music example Nocturne (pdf)
ABRSM Grade 6 Syllabus (2023–24)

pixel ABRSM new Piano syllabus 2023–24, Grade 1

Animal Jazz
pixelBarbara Snow
Barbara Snow’s piano collection for beginner pianists, originally published in 2015, is another best-seller. Andrew Eales (Pianodao) writes:
“What impresses me most with this collection is the way in which the composer is able to introduce so much character to each of these highly accessible pieces, but without adding unnecessary complexity in the process.
I can highly recommend ‘Animal Jazz’ as a thoroughly charming collection of jazzy pieces, and suspect my own younger students are going to love it!”

     read more
Composer:  Barbara Snow
Instruments:  Piano
Format:  Playing score
Series: Contemporary
Pages:  v/16
ISMN:  979 0 708092 96 4 
ISBN:  978 1 910359 07 5 
Code:  HH371.SOL
Price:  £8.95               more information

Leaflet Music example (pdf)
ABRSM Grade 1 Syllabus (2023–24)

pixel ABRSM new Violin syllabus 2023–24, Grade 8

Sonata in E flat major
pixelJohann Friedrich Schreivogel
Among the handful of surviving works by J. F. Schreivogel, a violinist active in Milan in the first half of the 18th century, is this sparkling three-movement sonata for violin and continuo. Composed late in his career, it represents the Italian galant style at its most resourceful, both musically and technically. Some moments recall Vivaldi, others Tartini, yet the piece is full of individual touches, especially in its complex harmony and rhythm.
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Composer:  Johann Friedrich Schreivogel
Instruments:  Violin and keyboard
Format:  Full score and parts
Series: Baroque
Pages:  x/12 + 8 + 4
ISMN:  979 0 708146 33 9 
ISBN:   978 1 910359 46 4 
Code:  HH431.SOL
Price:  £10.95               more information

Leaflet Music example (pdf)
ABRSM Grade 8 Syllabus (2023–24)

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