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Andreas Jakob Romberg

Flute quintet in E minor

ed. Jennifer Caesar

Andreas Jakob Romberg (* Vechta, 27 April 1767, + Gotha, 10 November 1821) was born into a large musical family and he himself played the violin from an early age, making his debut at Munster at the age of seven. He was later employed in the electoral orchestra at Bonn which included Beethoven as one of its members at that time. He later made Haydn's acquaintance in Vienna during a visit in 1796. The present edition of the Flute Quintets, Op. 41, originally published in Paris in 1811, is based on the copy in the music collection of the British Library, London, shelf-mark g.1667.d. the title-page of which set reads:

Trois | QUINTOURS | POUR | Flute | Violon, deux Altos
et Violoncelle | compos‚s | par | A.Romberg.
| Oeuvre 41. | A PARIS | au Bureau lithographique

In the present edition, editorial additions are shown in square brackets except for ties/slurs which are shown as broken ligatures. Minor typographical errors in the original have been corrected without comment.
Jennifer Caesar London, 2002