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Joseph Haydn

Symphony in G major No. 92 (‘Oxford’).


arranged for pianoforte by Carl David Stegmann

edited by Sarah Jenner

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On the morning of Friday 8 July 1791 Haydn received the honorary degree of Doctor of Music as part of the annual Commemoration celebrations at the University of Oxford. That same evening his Symphony No. 92 was performed at the Sheldonian Theatre. This symphony was not composed expressly for the occasion but was one of a set of three (Nos. 90, 91 and 92) commissioned by, and dedicated to, the Comte d’Ogny in 1788/9. Of the work itself it is difficult to disagree with the view that ‘Haydn was quite right to pick this Symphony for the concert to celebrate his Oxford degree [...] for it artlessly presents the greatest contrapuntal mind since J.S.Bach, embedded within the popular classical style.’

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Symphony in G major ‘Oxford’
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