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Timothy Raymond

In the Orbit of Venus


Duration, c.11 minutes

The Orbital Resonance between the planets Earth and Venus is strikingly related to the Fibonacci number series (2,3,5,8,13...) and thus, to the Golden Section proportion (1.618) (Earth orbits the Sun eight times for thirteen of Venus’s cycles). Both in visual imagery and verbal description, the accumulated detail relating to Venus points towards a rare synchronicity of Science and Fiction. The music is cast in a single 11-minute span which builds gradually in distinct developments of materials which emanate from the opening. It aims to evoke key aspects of Venus — of imperiousness, of being ‘under the spell’, as it were — together with planetary movement in outer space. Repeated notes evoke, perhaps, satellite radio signals and movement, mythic names in Morse code or just a vague communicative presence.

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In the Orbit of Venus
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