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Stephen Pusey

Spring 2004

Title: Concerto in E major RV 762 Violin solo, Strings and Basso Continuo
Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
Editor: Paul Everett
Publisher: Edition HH
Price: 5 (pocket) 10 (full)
Level: Advanced

Founded in 1996, Edition HH focuses on scholarly critical editions, particularly of Italian Baroque music, and on contemporary music. The RV 762 concerto, here published for the first time in its original key, is based on a partly autograph manuscript preserved in Manchester and discovered in the early 1970s. This vivacious concerto follows the traditional three-movement plan, allegro - largo - allegro non molto. The source provides relatively few figures for the continuo part and clearly marked editorial figures have been added. Performing material is available and the score contains a comprehensive Preface and Textual Notes. Good value.

Stephen Pusey

We are grateful to the proprietor of Sheet Music for permission to reproduce this review.
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