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Giuseppe Tartini

Giuseppe Tartini

The art of bowing
Concerto for violin in E minor, D.55
Concerto for violin in D major, D.42
Concerto for violin in G major, D.82
Concerto for violin in E major D.48

Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770) was a major Italian composer and a violin virtuoso.

Destined by his parents for a monastic career he pursued musical studies against their wish.

Known to have been a good swordsman, he seems to have led a double life and may have obtained permission to marry by concealing his clerical status. This brought him into serious conflict with the bishop of Padua, and he sought secret asylum in a monastery in Assisi where he continued his musical studies.

He discovered the difference tone (terzo suono) which he regarded as proof of the existence of a single comprehensive set of musical-physical-mathematical relationships.

His use of a secret code was the source of much speculation until deciphered by Dounias.

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