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Stephen Pratt

Work list:

Three Piano pieces 1971
first perf. Robert Orledge, 1971

Three Early Songs (Brecht) 1974 rev.'89
first perf. Edith Pritchard /Opus, dir. James Wishart (1989)

Piano Sonata
1974-75 first perf. Michael Young (1974); first broadcast Susan Bradshaw (1975)

Elegy / Lament, for piano 1975
first perf. Michael Young (1975)

Nonet, for wind ensemble 1976
first. perf. members of RLPO dir. by the composer (1976)

Concert, for ensemble 1976
first perf. members of the RLPO, cond. the composer (1976)

Star and Dead Leaves, for flute and piano 1977 commissioned by the NFMS
first perf. Philippa Davies, Aydin Onaš (1977);
recorded by Anna Noakes / Dina Bennett Pro Viva ISPV 132

Duettino, for two lutes 1978
first perf. Brendan McCormack, Nicholas Crosland (1978)

Serenatella, for cor anglais 1978

Winter's Fancy, for clarinet and piano 1978-79
commissioned by Marks and Spencer plc
first perf. John Fuest, Stephanie Bamford (1979)

Some of their Number, for orchestra 1978-80
commissioned by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society
first perf. RLPO cond. Simon Rattle (1980)

Between the lines, for chamber ensemble 1981
first perf. New Music Group of Scotland (1981)
first broadcast Gemini, (1983)

Salve Regina, for mixed choir 1982
first perf. Finzi Singers, dir. Paul Spicer (1984)

The Fruits of the Ground, for Horn, Violin and Piano 1980-82
commissioned by Merseyside Arts
first perf. Jonathan Williams Horn Trio (1985)
first broadcast same artists (1987)

Harbour, for mezzo-soprano and ensemble 1981-84
first perf. Helen Fehily, members of the RLPO dir. the composer (1987)

The Judgement of Paris, for clarinet/bass clarinet and orchestra 1984-85
first perf. Ronald Woodley, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Orchestra
cond. the composer (1985)

Schnookered ! a mini-opera in one act 1985
first performance RLPO plus soloists cond. Edward Warren (1988)

Nights Out for actor/narrator and small ensemble 1986
first perf. Edward Cowie, members of the RLPO cond. the composer (1986)

Strong Winds, Gentle Airs for concert band 1987
commissioned by Wirral Education Authority
first perf. Wirral Schools' Concert Band cond. David Straughan (1987)

String Trio 1985-88
first perf. members of the Chilingirian Quartet (1988)

Two studies, for chamber orchestra 1989
first performance Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Orchestra
cond. the composer (1989)

With the Drawing of this Love, for mixed choir 1989
first perf. rev. version Finzi Singers, dir. Paul Spicer (1993)

Uneasy Vespers, for choir, semi chorus and soloists 1987-
commissioned for 150th anniversary of RLPS with funds provided by Granada TV
first perf. RLPO / RLPC/ Finzi Singers cond. Vernon Handley (1991)

At the Turn of the Year, for piano 1992
first perf. Elizabeth Deighton (1993)
CD recording Richard Casey, BML 033/034

About Time, for saxophone, string trio and tape 1994-95
first perf. Take Four (1995)

The Song Within, for solo piano 1995-97
commissioned by the 1997 Chester Festival for Joanna MacGregor
first perf. Joanna MacGregor (1997)

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra 1991-97 (rev. 2003)
first perf. Anthony Marwood (vln.), RLPO
cond. Gerard Schwarz (October 2003)

Undulations and Other Movements 1997-98
first perf. Psappha (1999)
CD recording, Psappha BML 033/34

Andy Musik, for piano 1999
first perf. Joanna MacGregor. Mercer's Hall, London (June 1999)

Surroundings, for orchestra 2000
first perf., Metropolitan Cathedral Orchestra, Liverpool (July 2000)

Aphrodite's Rock, for string quartet 2000-2001
first perf. Chilingirian String Quartet, (November 2001)

Judith's Gift for string quartet 2002

Lovebytes, for soprano and chamber ensemble
first perf., Patricia Rozario with the RLP 10/10 ensemble,
conducted by Clark Rundell (May, 2003) 2002-2003

Double Act for cello, piano and ensemble 2004- 2006
First perf. RLP 10/10 Ensemble,
conducted by Clark Rundell (November, 2006)

Short Score for clarinet and piano 2006
First perf., Mark Simpson (clarinet), John Wilson (piano)
(November, 2006)

The Miraculous Mandolin for ensemble 2004 -2007
First perf., Kokoro conducted by Mark Forkgen, (November 2007)

Uneasy Vespers, (Part II) 1993-2008

in progress:
Cello Concerto 2004-

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