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Nicolas Gilbert

Tchal-Kouyrouk et la septième face du cube

musique sérielle naïve


Nicolas Gilbert

Tchal-Kouyrouk, the trusty steed of Toshtuk, Giant of the Steppes, is going to recover his master’s soul, which has been stolen, then bring Toshtuk back to his wife Kenjeke, who is pregnant with his child. In those far-off days when Toshtuk, Kenjeke and Tchal-Kouyrouk were living, the twelve-tone row was evidently already a historical necessity. The rules surrounding its worship were to be respected: never interrupt the twelve-tone row, never make irreverent remarks about it, never look at another system of pitch- organization, apply the model of the twelve- tone row to everything in the world to which it might be applicable.

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Tchal-Kouyrouk et la septième face du cube; musique sérielle naïve
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