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Balli per Cembalo

90 keyboard pieces from early Italian manuscripts

edited by Christopher Hogwood

This volume presents four of the earliest Italian manuscript collections of keyboard dances and dance songs, dating from about 1540 to c.1620 and vividly demonstrates the development of early keyboard writing from the pre-existing repertoire of the lute. The majority of these short and expressive pieces are transcribed into modern notation here for the first time, and their origins fully documented with concordances. Such repertoire is suitable for any keyboard instrument and (apart from the "lost" piece by Facoli which ends the volume) are of slight technical difficulty and suitable for students and beginners, as well as for use by early music ensembles.

This is the first modern edition of the pieces in their original note values and also included is the illuminating information on proportional notation...There is a comprehensive critical commentary containing an invaluable concordance of these dances with lute sources in particular. ...The editing is exemplary and the printing is very clear.

John Collins, Harpsichord & fortepiano.
Balli per Cembalo
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