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Luigi Boccherini

Violoncello quintet in D major

G353 · Op43/[1]

Two violins · viola · two violoncellos

ed. Keith Pascoe

Published here for the first time, this quintet, written in 1790, opens with the three chords Boccherini used in the sinfonia of his oratorio Gioas, Re di Giuda. The style of the first movement is a mixture of Mannheim elements and Italian opera. The graceful Minuetto is followed by an Andante larghetto, in which the composer’s use of simple material creates a musical ‘still life’ (nature morte). The final movement is a typical Boccherini rondeau giving each player a chance to shine.

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Violoncello quintet
hh66.fsp · ISMN M 708041 04 7 · ISBN 1-904229-48-4
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