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Barbara Snow

More Animal Jazz

16 short pieces for piano

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More Animal JazzMore Animal JazzMore Animal Jazz

Diving into musical genres from around the world, Barbara Snow has produced another colourful and eclectic collection of piano miniatures, with influences from blues, jump jive, ragtime, latin, disco, funk and classical music. Among the sixteen numbers, ‘Who’s Harry?’ transports us to Africa, with a Nigerian afrobeat groove; ‘Jump Jive Jellyfish’ has a catchy swing; the Cuban cha-cha-cha is gracefully danced by some Chickens; Penguins delight in a parade with a ragtime flavour; and in Brazil the holidaying Alpacas cavort to a jazzy samba. Young pianists will love the pieces in More Animal Jazz, which will surely enjoy the same success among players and teachers as Barbara’s first album (HH371.SOL).

Animal Jazz
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More Animal Jazz
hh597.sol · ISMN 979 0 708213 12 3 | ISBN 978-1-914137-60-0
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