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Alexis Magito

Six cello sonatas, Op. 1
volume 2: Nos. 46

Violoncello and basso continuo

edited by Elske Tinbergen
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Alexis Magito's sonatas belong to a small collection of cello sonatas composed by Dutch composers. The current edition contains biographical facts about the composer that were unknown until very recently.

Magito's sonatas are at once beautifully melodic and virtuosic. They were unmistakably composed by a composer who knew the technical possibilities of the instrument. They bear a resemblance to the Opus 8 & 13 sonatas by another Dutch composer, Willem de Fesch, insofar as many of the last movements are minuets.

They are suitable for advanced amateurs and professionals alike.

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Six cello sonatas, Op. 1, volume 2: Nos. 46
hh589.fsp  ISMN 979-0-708213-04-8  ISBN 978-1-914137-54-9
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