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Antonio Vivaldi

Sonata in C major ∑ RV 801

Flute (oboe) ∑ violin (oboe) ∑ violoncello (bassoon) ∑ basso continuo

ed. Rebecca Kan
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Unique among Vivaldiís instrumental works is a quadro which has recently been authenticated and given the catalogue number RV 801. This work is published here for the first time in modern critical edition. Scored for three solo instruments and basso continuo, it contains a wealth of concertante elements, bringing to mind the style of the Venetian composerís concertos. The eight possible instrumental combinations make the sonata accessible to a wide range of ensembles.

. . . this wins hands down on price.

Early Music Review, April 2004
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1st movement
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hh54.fsp ∑ ISMN M 708024 54 5 ∑ ISBN 1 904229 00 X

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