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Antonio Vivaldi

Concerto in C minor RV 198/198a

Violin strings basso continuo

ed. Rebecca Kan

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This critical edition sheds light on the special qualities linking RV 198 (here published for the first time) to the musicians of the Saxon court, and offers the first detailed comparison between two versions of the concerto. Passages of brilliant figuration and finely-spun diminutions characterize the solo episodes in the fast movements. An alternative Adagio is included in each of the various formats (scores, keyboard reduction and parts).

. . . a well prepared edition, with substantial
and well-argued preface in English and German
. . . a striking piece, whose availability is most welcome

Early Music Review, March 2004
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1st movement
2nd movement
3rd movement
Miniature score
hh52.min  ISMN M 708041 00 9  ISBN 1 904229 45 X
Full score
hh52.fsc  ISMN M 708041 01 6  ISBN 1 904229 46 8
Keyboard reduction
hh52.kbd  ISMN M 708041 02 3
Set of parts 4/4/1/2)
hh52.ipt  ISMN M 708041 03 0
Supplementary string set (2/2/0/1)
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