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Johann Friedrich Schreivogel

Sonata in E minor

Violin and basso continuo

edited by Michael Talbot

Only a handful of J. F. Schreivogelís compositions for his instrument have survived, among them this impressive and forward-looking three-movement sonata for violin and continuo in E minor. Evidently composed during the mid-1710s, it betrays the influence of Venetian composers such as Vivaldi and Albinoni. Schreivogel writes very idiomatically for the violin, but never at the expense of musical eloquence or solidity of structure.

“The quality of this sonata would certainly justify its inclusion in recital programmes and recorded anthologies; it is to be welcomed as a discovery of importance to be integrated into the vast mosaic that is the violin repertoire of eighteenth-century Italy.”

Pierre Gutman, The Consort | Read the review

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Sonata in E minor
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