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George Frideric Handel

Quel fior che all'alba ride · HWV 192

Two soprano voices · basso continuo

ed. Paul Everett

Quel fior ch’all’alba ride
il sole poi l’uccide
e tomba ha nella sera.
È un fior la vita ancora:
L’occaso a nell’aurora
e perde in un sol dì la primavera.

The flower that smiles in the morning
is then killed by the sun
and is buried in the evening.
Life is like a flower:
Within the dawn it has its sunset
and in only one day it loses its spring.
Like its equally engaging companion, No, di voi non vo' fidarmi, HWV 189, HWV 192 presents music that today is familiar to us from four-part choruses in the celebrated oratorio Messiah.

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Quel fior che all'alba ride
hh41.fsp · ISMN M 708024 17 0 · ISBN 1-904229-39-5
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