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Ming Wang

Schwebende Fragmente II

Flute/alto flute clarinet/bass clarinet horn percussion violin viola violoncello double bass

Duration, c.7'30''
Ming Wang (Schwebende Fragmente)

The rapidly alternating and sometimes incoherent musical moments seem like broken fragments from dreams, memories and illusions, which surface in the borderland between life and death, unexpectedly emerging from the subconscious into the conscious, only to disappear again.

The piece is based on a predetermined harmonic structure that divides the work into five parts. Each part is structured around a central note and subdivides into distinct sections in which chords formed respectively from fifths, fourths, thirds and seconds are made to overlap. The tonal centres A, D, G and C lying a fifth apart from one another correspond to the open strings of the string players. The work finally returns to its centre, G. A brief epilogue is appended to this section: here, chords formed from four different pentatonic scales conjure up an outlandish, exotic colouring.

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Schwebende Fragmente II
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