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Ming Wang

A Child’s Universe

12 ensemble pieces for young musicians

Ming Wang

Publisher’s letter to Directors of Music

Dear Director of Music

A Child’s Universe

I am pleased to take this opportunity to introduce Ming Wang’s groundbreaking work for young, enthusiastic instrumentalists of beginner–intermediate level. I have been made aware over many years of the value that all those involved in music education place on ensemble playing. In addition to all the obvious musical benefits, the gains in social interaction and the sense of camaraderie generated will often endure into adult life.

I am equally aware that full achievement of these desirable objectives is too often denied owing to the lack of suitable ensemble material. As a Director of Music you will be all too familiar with the need to work with children of different ages at different levels of attainment – variables that are seldom accommodated by pallid ‘school orchestra’ arrangements of the classics or film scores.

In A Child’s Universe Ming Wang has sought to channel children’s enthusiasm for music-making into original compositions that are not only immediately appealing, accessible and completely unpatronising, but have also been conceived from the outset to offer the maximum flexibility of instrumentation, formats and interconnectivity. The score comes with a CD containing all the instrumental parts, and these can be printed out, in whatever number is required, to suit local needs. There are even parts in C for use on those occasions when a transposing instrument is unavailable.

A Child’s Universe has been thoroughly and successfully road-tested by the Burghausen Music School in Germany, for whom Ming Wang wrote it, and an English version is now available to schools and music centres throughout the UK. Please feel free to contact me if you require any more detailed information about this valuable musical enterprise.

With all good wishes

Per Hartmann

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