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Ming Wang

A Child’s Universe

12 ensemble pieces for young musicians

“The pieces from Ming Wang’s A Child’s Universe pass directly through the ear into the child’s inner world, where the sounds and images are transformed into huge imaginative landscapes... They therefore succeed brilliantly in performance.”
Helmut Lorenz, Head of the renowned Musikschule der Stadt Burghausen

Publishers letter
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Ming Wang's A Child's Universe is a strikingly novel and versatile set of ensemble pieces intended to introduce young instrumentalists of beginner–intermediate level to the world of contemporary music. Immediately accessible in style, attractive, tuneful and rhythmically uncomplicated, the twelve pieces are divided into four groups — one each for winds, guitars, and strings, all with percussion ad lib., together with a final group for all the instruments combined. Though each group is conceived as a unity, the pieces can be played in any order, or even performed individually. The number of musicians playing each instrumental line can vary, provided that a suitable balance within the ensemble is maintained. If a particular instrument is unavailable, another of similar compass and timbre may be substituted (versions of the parts in C are provided where a non-transposing instrument is used). Included with the score is a link to download the parts (PDF format), which may be printed out as necessary. Imbued with a playful and childlike spirit, A Child's Universe is an exciting new addition to the contemporary musical repertoire for young players.

Listen to one of the pieces for strings, Aquarium
played in a school concert by pupils at Radley College in Oxfordshire (3')

Quintetconducted by Anthony Williams
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A Child’s Universe
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A Child’s Universe
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