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Carl Friedrich Christian Fasch

Sonatas and Character Pieces,
(Complete Keyboard Works, volume 2)


edited by Christopher Hogwood

“The printing is of the usual clarity associated with Edition HH, and includes a discussion of the pieces and an extensive critical commentary. These pieces will give much pleasure to player and listener, and most are well worthy of inclusion in recitals.”

Harpsichord and fortepiano

“The first [sonata], in B flat minor, opens with a fine movement in which a recurrent Alberti bass requires careful control on the clavichord. Both serenity and passion are contained within the scope of the beautiful slow movement, and there follows an exciting, well-constructed and very well-paced finale.”

The British Clavichord Society Newsletter

The second volume of keyboard music from the reclusive Carl Fasch contains two unpublished sonatas (one unusually in the key of B flat minor) and his considerable output of “character pieces”, short descriptive works which justify contemporary opinion that he was the true successor to C.P.E. Bach. These individual vignettes are ideal for playing on either clavichord or fortepiano and provide an expressive foil to the more extrovert and extended sonatas in the first volume. The third and final voume will contain all Fasch’s keyboard variations.

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Complete Keyboard Works, Volume 2
hh301.sol · ISMN 979 0 708092 50 6  · ISBN 978-1-905779-89-5
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