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Carlo Zuccari

The true method of playing an adagio

a facsimile edition of the 1762 publication

Violin (flute/oboe) and continuo

with an Introduction and Commentary by Christopher Hogwood

The problems of ornamenting a slow movement were as apparent in the 18th century as they are to players today: even Charles Burney admitted that it was an area “in which performers of great powers of execution often fail”. Carlo Zuccari comes to the rescue with a dozen sample adagios printed with both the simple line and a decorated alternative; there are no written rules in his collection — simply teaching by the direct method, and applicable to all melodic instruments (violin, flute, oboe, cello etc).

This facsimile edition contains a list of original misprints to be corrected and a full introduction.

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The art of playing an adagio
HH290.fac · ISMN 979 0 708092 36 0 · ISBN 978-1-905779-85-7 
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