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Ming Wang


Violin, Violoncello and Pianoforte

Duration, c11 minutes
Ming Wang

The Dreamcatcher is a cultural object belonging to the North American Indians. It is commonly hung up above a place of repose such as a bed or a tepee in order to make sleep more pleasant. A net is stretched over a circle made of willow, which is decorated with leather, pearls, feathers or horsehair. While bad dreams are caught in this net and later neutralized by the morning sun, good dreams slip through it and are able to disperse through the opening in the middle. This fascinating mystical object was the inspiration for the formal layout of my composition. The piece comprises four sections, which, like the various images in dreams, change unexpectedly fast and are apparently unrelated, even though in reality they follow a red thread on an invisible plane.

In terms of composition, the unconstrained, rather free and discontinuous musical forms are governed by a strict harmonic process that can be understood as symbolizing the Dreamcatcher. Strictly organized intervals and constellations of central notes are the basic building blocks of the harmonic structure, which leads gradually from the widest to the narrowest intervals, developing in reverse.

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