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Alessandro Rolla

Six duets (1795)

Flute · violin

Michael Elphinstone

In Alessandro Rolla (1757-1841), the Classical instrumental duet found its ideal exponent; Rolla in fact composed around 300 duets for various combinations of instruments. While many of these works are extremely demanding technically and paved the way for the compositions of ensuing generations of Italian virtuosi (Paganini, Giuliani, Cavallini, Briccialdi, Bottesini etc.), Rolla’s earliest duets are fully steeped in late Classical style. Such is the case with the Six Duets for Flute and Violin (1795) — here published for the first time — which are characterised by the elegance and fluidity of their melodies, their adherence to Classical forms, and the equal importance given to the two parts. As with most of Rolla’s writing, the duets also reveal an intimate familiarity with the characteristics and technical limitations of both instruments.

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Six duets (1795)
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