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Christian Ernst Graaf

Duo Economique

Two players, one violin

Devised by Anthony Fabian from de la Croce
edited by Christopher Hogwood

As a musical gesture of sympathy towards the current financial problems, we present the first modern edition of the Duo Economique by Christian Ernst Graaf, calling for two players, four hands and two bows but only one violin.
A certain intimacy is necessary for the two performers (explained and illustrated in the Introduction) but the two movements are consolingly melodious and offer a pleasant antidote to our straitened times. An appropriate present for any musical banker or stockbroker…

Hogwood's unfussy edition has all the requisite scholarly qualities, including an informative introduction (in English and German), relevant textual notes and a brief critical commentary. It includes a facsimile of the parts, clearly reproduced and sporting one original fingering in the first violin part, and an edited version of the text in score format. Editorial modifications are limited largely to minor engraving errors and inconsistencies (notably of articulation marks), misplaced information and the very occasional incorrect note.

This work offers a tempting 'two for one' deal for the current economic recession and is just the kind of repertoire with which a student of intermediate level can experiment in the company of a very close friend. Indeed, this Duo Economique could soon develop into a Duo Romantique!

The Consort Summer 2010
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Duo Economique

Duo Economique
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Duo Economique · Facsimile and full score
hh243.fsc · ISMN 979 0 708059 93 6  · ISBN 978-1-905779-36-9

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