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François Devienne

Sonata in C minor

Clarinet · keyboard

Nicholas Cox

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music syllabus 2008-2013, Clarinet grade 8
François Devienne's music has long been highly rated for its grace and balance. One of the first professors of flute at the new Conservatoire in 1795, Devienne's Flute Concertos played by the composer at the Concerts Spirituels in the 1780s reflected the elegance and brilliance of classical music in Paris and earned Devienne the title the 'French Mozart'.

Until recently clarinettists have only been acquainted with Devienne's music through two of the Sonatas in an edition dating from the 1960s and his Concerto for 2 Clarinets. When not playing in the RLPO or as a soloist or training young musicians at the RNCM, Nicholas Cox has been active for many years in researching and realising new editions of Devienne's extant Clarinet Sonatas. Published in first edition form as teaching material for the first students at the Paris Conservatoire, these Sonatas for Clarinet and Bass have now been realised in scholarly editions for Clarinet and Keyboard.

As examples of the classical sonata for clarinet they represent probably the finest sonatas of the period and are faithfullly reproduced with editorial notes and commentary. The original articulation is retained to enable the developing player of both classical and modern clarinet to develop their own understanding of the articulated style of the period. Recommended for about AB Grades 7 or 8 onwards.

The appeal of the C minor example examined here gives cause for us to deeply regret that so much of Devienne's music was destroyed by fire in the early 1800s.

The Consort, Summer 2007

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Sonata in C minor
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