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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Symphony No. 41 in C major 'Jupiter'

arranged by Peter Lichtenthal

Two violins, two violas, violoncello

edited by Christopher Hogwood

According to recent research, the Jupiter Symphony is now the most frequently played of all Mozart's works in the concert hall; here is the chance to play the work at home in an arrangement for five strings made by a close friend of Mozart's son, Karl. According to the Novellos, who talked with Mozart's widow about this piece in 1829, "Mozart's son said he considered the Finale to his father's sinfonia in C - which Salomon christened the Jupiter - to be the highest triumph of Instrumental Composition, and I agree with him". Many arrangements were made of this famous piece, but the five-part contrapuntal marvels of the finale are best served by a quintet, as Peter Lichtenthal realised. This edition is a first publication of this very effective adaptation, taken from the Lichtenthal autograph in Milan Conservatoire.

This is another exemplary edition
from Edition HH,
this time of a fascinating re-working
of a masterpiece
which merits attention
in a whole range of contexts.

The Consort, Summer2009
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Symphony No. 41 in C major
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