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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Symphony No. 40 in G minor

arranged by Muzio Clementi

Flute, violin, violoncello, piano

edited by Christopher Hogwood

“As we’ve come to expect from Edition HH, there are excellent introductory notes by Hogwood, including a translation into German, and very helpful and relevant suggestions for metronome markings, guidance on the handling of repeats, and a facsimile of the first page of Clementi’s manuscript.”

Muzio Clementi, who was rather more magnanimous in his praise of Mozart than Mozart was of him ––“Until then I had never heard anyone perform with such grace and elegance” –– towards the end of his life made a series of adaptations of the six late symphonies “newly adapted for the piano forte, with accompaniments for a flute, violin and violoncello” for publication in London.

The autograph of Clementi’s adaptation of the famous G minor symphony (now in the library of the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia, Rome) contains two passages which differ from the eventual printed version, together with specific instructions to the printer showing that Clementi was aiming at a prestige publication; in this edition the alternative passages are included, together with the extra eight bars of Andante which appeared in all early editions of this work

“Once again, congratulations to the publisher for continuing to issue first rate editions of neglected works which combine genuine historical significance with a range of possible practical applications.”

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Symphony No. 40 in G minor
hh173.fsp · ISMN M 708059 25 7  · ISBN 978-1-904229-94-0
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