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Tomaso Albinoni

Sorgea col lume in fronte

Soprano voice and basso continuo

ed. Michael Talbot

This cantata, from an important manuscript in Berlin containing 18 Albinoni cantatas for soprano and continuo, is distinguished not only by its music, which is exceptionally finely wrought and ends with an extended cavata - a sort of fugue for voice and bass - but also by its moving poetic text, which is by Antonio Ottoboni, father of the famous cardinal who was also the patron of Corelli, Handel and Vivaldi. The theme of the cantata is the separation of lovers brought on by the enforced departure of the beloved on a sea voyage. The protagonist likens his tears to the waves surrounding the boat and his sighs to the winds that propel it, the two images giving rise to some lively word-painting. Both arias are in slow tempo, but the concluding cavata lends a welcome touch of animation to the cantata.

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Sorgea col lume in fronte
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