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Benedetto Vinaccesi

Ingratissima Clori

Soprano voice and basso continuo

ed. Michael Talbot

IThe text for Ingratissima Clori does not appear in Ottoboni’s Trattenimenti poetici, and its authorship is therefore uncertain. However, it exhibits one of Ottoboni’s most consistent stylistic ‘trademarks’ – the use of end-rhyme throughout the recitative stanzas (i.e., not merely in a final couplet) – and the worldly- wise view of romantic love expressed in it (amounting to: if one love-object is unresponsive to you, seek another) is very much in his vein. It should be considered a candidate for his authorship. The text comprises two arias, each introduced by a short recitative. This is the ‘RARA’ layout that dominated the cantata around 1700, before becoming displaced from favour in its turn by the even more condensed ‘ARA’ layout.

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Ingratissima Clori
Ingratissima Clori
hh105.fsp · ISMN M 708041 55 9 · ISBN 1-904229-63-9

The editor's authority is clear,
but his tone is thoroughly engaging.
He and the publishers are to be
congratulated on producing such
stylish editions . . .

The Consort,Summer 2005, Vol. 61
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