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Benedetto Vinaccesi

Su la sponda d'un rio

Soprano voice and basso continuo

ed. Michael Talbot

The cantata's subject, treated with a soupçon of humour and originality (by being combined with the unrelated theme of sleep), is the familiar one of a lover protesting his fidelity to his beloved. The text comprises three arias, each introduced by a short recitative. This ‘RARARA’ structure, common enough in the later seventeenth century, tends to give way to a ‘RARA’ or even ‘ARA’ structure in the eighteenth century and is here a conservative feature.

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Su la sponda d'un rio

Su la sponda d'un rio
hh103.fsp · ISMN M 708041 53 5 · ISBN 1-904229-61-1
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