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Benedetto Vinaccesi

Dal tuono il lampo aspetta

Soprano voice and basso continuo

ed. Michael Talbot

This is an example of a cantata morale a cantata that, for once, does not explore the pleasures and pains of love among the shepherds and nymphs of Arcadia but offers timeless advice on moral conduct. The message of the text, put simply, is: lack of discrimination and decorum in love leads men to ruin and death.

The editor's authority is clear,
but his tone is thoroughly engaging.
He and the publishers are to be
congratulated on producing such
stylish editions . . .

The Consort,Summer 2005, Vol. 61
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Dal tuono il lampo aspetta

Dal tuono il lampo aspetta
hh102.fsp  ISMN M 708041 45 0  ISBN 1-904229-56-5
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