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Lorenzo Somis

Concerto in E flat major

Violin strings basso continuo

ed. Anton Geerb
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A solemn introductory Grave where the solo violin
occasionally breaks out from the repeated chords with short cantabile sections, is followed by a fluent Allegro with difficult sounding passage work, excellently written for the violin. An emotive Grave recitative leads into the final Allegro which arrests attention by the simple device of alternating triplets with semiquaver passages. Eminently suited to amateur and school orchestras!


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1st movement
2nd movement
3rd movement
4th movement

Keyboard reduction (w/solo part)
hh07.kbd  ISMN M 708024 24 8
Miniature score
hh07.min  ISMN M 708024 22 4  ISBN 1 904229 08 5
Full score
hh07.fsc  ISMN M 708024 23 1  ISBN 1 904229 09 3
Set of parts (4/4/2/2/2)
hh07.ipt  ISMN M 708024 67 5
Supplementary string set (2/2/1/1/1)
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