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Antonio Vivaldi

The two versions, RV 544 and RV 572, of the

Concerto in F major

Il Proteo ò il mondo al rovverscio

Violin solo · violoncello solo · strings · basso continuo (RV 544)

Two flutes · two oboes · violin solo · violoncello solo · harpsichord · strings · basso continuo (RV 572)

edited by Paul Everett

This unique volume brings together side by side the two distinct versions of Vivaldi’s unusually titled concerto Il Proteo ò il mondo al rovverscio (“Proteus, or The World Turned Upside-Down”), both dating probably from the mid-1720s. RV 572, the second version, which has never before been published in modern edition, was recently described by Federico Maria Sardelli as “one of the most brilliant specimens among Vivaldi’s concertos per molti istromenti and, regrettably, the most neglected today”. Also unworthy of neglect is RV 544, the original version from which Vivaldi later derived RV 572, whose only previous edition (1952) was incomplete. Not only are we able to glimpse the fascinating creative process involved in the conversion of one concerto into the other, but the two works are differently scored, providing equally valid alternatives for performance. In the Preface, editor and Vivaldi scholar Paul Everett writes about the sources (autograph manuscripts exist for both concertos), their history and textual relationship, exploring how an extraordinary composition at first called Il mondo al rovverscio was made even more extraordinary through the additional idea of Proteus, the Greco-Roman sea god who could transform his shape at will. Thus the concerto itself underwent a Protean transformation, becoming an outworking of its own idea.

Two versions of Concerto in F major, RV 544 & RV 572, Il Proteo ò il mondo al rovverscio
hh056.fsc · ISMN 979 0 708024 90 3 · ISBN 978-1-904229-36-0