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@MOZART is a series of works created around Mozart. The series was suggested by Christopher Hogwood who has edited many of the initial volumes.

Müller, Sonata in B flat major Eberl variations Gelinek variations Eberl Toccata Devienne Sonata Devienne Sonata Devienne Sonata Mozart, XII Petites Pièces (First set) Mozart, XII Petites Pièces (Second set) Mozart/Clementi, Symphony No. 40 Mozart/Schwencke, Grand Quintetto Eberl, Sonata in C minor Mozart, symphony no.39 Mozart, symphony no.39 Rolla, Two flute quartets Rolla, Two flute quartets Bochsa: Variations Jupiter K581 K622 Eberl Op.39 Mozart 3 quartets Duo for one violin Flute concerto Devienne Clarinet sonata Devienne Flute concerto Cambini Six Trios Cambini Six Trios Mozart Andante Variato Mozart Andante Variato Leopold Mozart Sonata in B flat Anton Eberl, Grand Duo, Op.26 Two flute quartets Sonata Concerto a tre Sonata K466 K466 K466 K466 K466 K466 K466

Once again, congratulations to the publisher for continuing to issue first rate editions of neglected works which combine genuine historical significance with a range of possible practical applications.

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