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@MOZART is a series of works created around Mozart. The series was suggested by Christopher Hogwood who has edited many of the initial volumes.

Müller, Sonata in B flat major Eberl variations Gelinek variations Eberl Toccata Devienne Sonata Devienne Sonata Devienne Sonata Mozart, XII Petites Pièces (First set) Mozart, XII Petites Pièces (Second set) Mozart/Clementi, Symphony No. 40 Mozart/Schwencke, Grand Quintetto Eberl, Sonata in C minor Mozart, symphony no.39 Mozart, symphony no.39 Rolla, Two flute quartets Rolla, Two flute quartets Bochsa: Variations Jupiter K581 K622 Eberl Op.39 Mozart 3 quartets Duo for one violin Flute concerto Devienne Clarinet sonata Devienne Flute concerto Cambini Six Trios Cambini Six Trios Mozart Andante Variato Mozart Andante Variato Leopold Mozart Sonata in B flat Anton Eberl, Grand Duo, Op.26 Two flute quartets Sonata Concerto a tre Sonata K466 K466 K466 K466

Once again, congratulations to the publisher for continuing to issue first rate editions of neglected works which combine genuine historical significance with a range of possible practical applications.

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