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Rebecca Kan

Rebecca Kan portrait
Antonio Vivaldi: Sonata (C)
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto (c)
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto (D) RV 224/224a

Rebecca Kan received her musical education in Singapore and the United Kingdom. She began piano studies at the age of five. At thirteen, she obtained a FTCL diploma in piano performance. She went on to complete her academic music education at the University of Liverpool. After graduating with an outstanding first-class BA honours, Rebecca undertook postgraduate research with Professor Michael Talbot on Antonio Vivaldi.
Her research findings on concerto slow movements have been presented in a number of papers, including the 33rd Royal Musical Association Research Students' Conference and the 9th Biennial Conference on Baroque Music. Rebecca's doctoral dissertation, The Concerto Adagios of Antonio Vivaldi, was completed in 2003 with support from the National Arts Council of Singapore, the University of Liverpool and United Kingdom's Scholarships for International Research Students.
Rebecca is a winner of piano awards in the 8th National Music Competition of Singapore, the 20th Singapore Music Teachers' Association Competition and the 75th British Federation of Festivals. In 1994, she was awarded LTCL teaching diplomas for piano and violoncello. Her principal teacher in Singapore then was Douglas Tan. She later studied with John Gough (Piano Tutor, Royal Northern College of Music) and Hilary Browning (Assistant Principal Cello, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra) at University.
As a performer, Rebecca has given many solo, chamber and orchestral concerts on the piano and violoncello. Prior to her tertiary studies, she was a cellist with the Singapore National Youth Orchestra. During her time in England, Rebecca was engaged in solo piano recitals in the Northwest. She was also invited to perform as a piano concerto soloist with the Liverpool University Symphony Orchestra in 1997 and the St John's Festival Orchestra of Chester in 2000.
Presently, Rebecca is Lecturer at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore.

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