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Giovanni Battista Vitali

Sonatas, Op. 5, Volume 1(Two violins, basso continuo) Op. 5/1
Sonatas, Op. 5, Volume 2(Two violins, violone, basso continuo) Op. 5/1
Sonatas, Op. 5, Volume 3(Two violins, viola, violone, basso continuo) Op. 5/1

Donde avvien che tutt’ebro di vera gioia l’universo (Alto, two violins, viola, basso continuo) Cantata

Giovanni Battista Vitali (1632-1692) was born in Bologna where he studied with Cazzati, and was a member of the Accademia Filarmonica and played violone in the orchestra of San Petronio. He published 7 books of instrumental works in Bologna (sonate da camera and da chiesa) and a book concerted psalm settings. His Op. 5 set of Sonate, published in 1669 was widely transmitted and shows Vitali to be an important precursor to Corelli. From 1674 until his death he worked at the Este court in Modena where he provided instrumental music and cantatas. His later works include Varie Partite, Op. 7 - a collection of trio sonatas over ground bases – and Articitii Musicali, Op. 13 – perhaps the most comprehensive collection of contrapuntal compositions before Bach’s Kunst der Fuge.