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Carlo Ferrari

Six sonatas Op. 5, Volume 1 (Violoncello basso continuo )Ferrari

Six sonatas Op. 5, Volume 2 (Violoncello basso continuo )Ferrari

Carlo Ferrari (Piacenza, 1714? Parma, 1790) was known as a cellist and composer (especially for the cello) and he published a minimum of five opuses. From the covers of his publications in Paris, we know that he was a chamber virtuoso to the Parma court of Philip, Crown Prince of Spain (Madrid, Spain, 1720 Alessandria, Parma, 1765), when Philip was Duke of Parma, between 1748 and 1765. Ferrari was a highly appreciated and well-remunerated musician; he was nicknamed "lo Zoppo di Piacenza" (the crippled of Piacenza) and had a close relationship with the famous instrument builder G. B. Guadagnini. In writings on Guadagnini, we see that Ferrari had a major influence on his cello construction.

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