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Antoine Favre

Six sonatas, volume 1 (Nos. 13) (violin and basso continuo) Set 2
Six sonatas, volume 2 (Nos. 46) (violin and basso continuo) Set 2

Antoine Favre (c.1670c.1739), was a composer of rare ability whose few surviving collections, all published during the 1730s, have so far been unknown to performers and virtually so to most scholars. His second book of sonatas for violin and basso continuo (the first is lost) contains six substantial five-movement works suited equally to concert performance and domestic enjoyment. Players will relish their variety of expression (which embraces both the Italian and the French style), the resourcefulness of their harmony, the ingenuity of their counterpoint, the sophistication of their form and the idiomatic way in which the composer writes for the instruments.

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