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Antonio Montanari

Montanari Dresden sonatas
The three 'Dresden' Sonatas (Violin · basso continuo)

Montanari Dresden sonatas
Trio sonata (Two oboes · basso continuo)

Until very recently, scarcely no attention has been paid by performers or musicologists to the violinist-composer Antonio Maria Montanari (1676–1737), who moved from his native Modena to Rome in the early 1690s and soon established himself as one of the city’s most sought- after violinists. Corelli’s presence in the same city naturally caused him to be overshadowed – as it likewise did Giuseppe Valentini (1681–1753), another significant violinist-composer active in Rome during the same period – but after Corelli’s death in 1713 Montanari came into his own as the doyen of Roman violinists, a status he retained until his death.

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