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Anton Franz Joseph Eberl

Anton Eberl

Ten variations on Zu Steffen sprach im Traume (Fortepiano)sonata

Toccata (Fortepiano)sonata

Sonata in C minor, Op. 1 (Fortepiano)sonata

Sonata in F minor, Op. 12 (Fortepiano)sonata

Sonata in G minor, Op. 39 (Fortepiano)sonata

Grand Duo, Op. 28 (Violoncello (or violin) and keyboard)sonata

Sonata in D minor, Op. 14 (Violin and fortepiano)sonata

Sonata in D major, Op. 20 (Violin ∑ pianoforte) D minor

Sonata in B flat major, Op. 35 (Violin ∑ pianoforte) B flat major

Sonata in A minor, Op. 10 No. 1 (Violin ∑ violoncello (optional) ∑ fortepiano) A minor

Sonata in B flat major, Op. 50 (Violin ∑ pianoforte) B flat major

Sonata in F major, Op. 49 (Violin ∑ pianoforte) F major

Anton Franz Joseph Eberl (1765-1807), nine years younger than Mozart, had also begun life as a prodigy, giving his first private keyboard recitals in Vienna at the age of eight. He became a friend of Mozart and probably also a pupil; certainly his compositions, which began appearing in print from 1788, show such an acquaintance with Mozartís style that some misattribution seems inevitable.

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