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Henri-Joseph Rigel


Six Sonatas, Op. 1, volume 1: Sonatas 1-3 Six sonatas cover
Six Sonatas, Op. 1, volume 2: Sonatas 4-6 Six sonatas cover

German-born Henri-Joseph Rigel (Heinrich Joseph Riegel, 17411799) fully deserved the high reputation he enjoyed as a composer, pianist and teacher in Paris from the mid-1760s to the end of his life. He composed in a wide variety of genres, winning great acclaim for his symphonies, string quartets, oratorios, operas, and keyboard music with or without accompanying instruments. He was a leading figure in the adoption of the piano in Parisian public concerts. Mozart, who visited Paris in 1778, may well have met him, and there are some striking parallels in the keyboard writing of the two composers.

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