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George Berg

Twelve Sonatinas Op. 3, volume 1 (Nos. 16) (keyboard) Set 2
Twelve Sonatinas Op. 3, volume 2 (Nos. 712) (keyboard) Set 2
Eight Suites of Lessons Op. 5, volume 1 (Nos. 14) (keyboard) Set 2
Eight Suites of Lessons Op. 5, volume 2 (Nos. 58) (keyboard) Set 2

George Berg (17301775), was a London organist and harpsichord teacher who during a quite brief period (175570) was a highly productive composer, whose works ranged from operas in Italian to short glees and catches. At the heart of his oeuvre are his seven collections of keyboard music. His sonatinas for harpsichord were a by-product of his teaching, appearing in three volumes between 1759 and 1762. Technically fairly simple, these are lively, inventive and finely polished works showing an indebtedness towards Domenico Scarlatti.

More information on George Berg's life and music can be found in Michael Talbot's article 'George Berg: An Original Musical and Scientific Spirit in Georgian London', published on pages 327 of the Spring 2019 issue of The Musical Times (vol. 160, no.1946).

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