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Sonata grande in G minor,Op. 39
pixelAnton Eberl smooth
The Sonata in G minor, Op. 39 was Eberl’s last composition, A. Duane White described it as “his most outstanding work for piano solo”, and “a significant forerunner of the Romantic era” (New Grove). Its formal innovations include a slow movement in the remote key of E major (with hints of Field and Chopin as well as Beethoven’s “Waldstein” Sonata), which also makes a “cyclic” return in the course of the finale, and the use of a single motive (a rising sixth and falling second first heard in the opening bars), which unifies all three movements.
smooth ed. Christopher Hogwood
pixel Sonata grande

The Four-part Dances
pixelSimon Ives smooth
The 25 four-part dances in this edition are just about the only pieces by a London wait from this period to have survived in full consort settings, which gives them great importance in the history of English theatre music. Ives probably intended them to be played by two violins, tenor viol or viola, bass viol or bass violin, with two theorboes, but other combinations are possible. The theorboes can be omitted, or be replaced by a keyboard, and the collection is also suitable for consorts of viols, recorders, or cornetts and sackbuts.
smooth ed. Peter Holman/John Cunningham
pixel Four-part Dances

The Selosse Manuscript
pixelSeventeenth Century Jesuit keyboard music smooth
Almost no music survives from the English Jesuit colleges (indeed very little at all has come down from the European Jesuit colleges as a whole from the period 1550-1773), so the importance of the Selosse Manuscript for the history of English Catholic music, and Catholic music in general, cannot be overstated. The manuscript provides evidence to suggest that there may have been a link between Catholic and Protestant musical circles at a time when penal laws made life for English Catholics extremely difficult.
smooth ed. Peter Leech
pixel Selosse Manuscript

pixelHaydn specialist joins our team smooth
We are delighted to welcome Anton Gabmayer to our editorial team, and look forward to publishing his excellent editions of operas by Joseph Haydn and symphonies by Ignaz Pleyel.
smooth @Haydn
pixel Anton Gabmayer

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