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Hoamat for speaker, soloists, ensembles, orchestra and choir
pixelMing Wang
Hoamat — the Bavarian pronunciation of the word Heimat (“Home”) — was commissioned by the Municipal Music School in the Upper Bavarian city of Burghausen for their Lokalklang Festival. The ten movements, which make use of a rich variety of ensembles, are all playable by non-professional musicians and, as the first performance proved, can be hugely enjoyable for an audience!

Publication date: August 2014
Instruments: speaker, soloists, ensembles, orchestra and choir
Series: Contemporary
Format: Conducting score
Pages: vi/63
ISMN: 979 0 708092 87 2
Duration: c.40'
Code: HH354.FSC
Price: £55.00               more info

Performance Material (Vocal scores and intrumental parts)
is available as a digital download (pdf)
pixel Hoamat

‘Cambridge’ violin sonata No. 1 in C minor
pixelMartino Bitti
Bitti's twelve ‘Cambridge’ sonatas, presented to Cardinal Ottoboni, represent the composer’s late, galant style, full of lovingly sculpted ornamental detail for the violin but with the same resourceful harmony and perfectly proportioned forms seen in earlier works.
Editor: Michael Talbot | Antonio Frigé
Publication date:  August 2014
Instruments: Violin, basso continuo
Format: Full score and parts
Series: Baroque
Pages: ix/11 + 2 × 4
ISMN: 979 0 708041 60 3 
ISBN: 978 1 910359 02 0
Code: HH340.FSP
Price: £8.95               more information
ed. Michael Talbot & Antonio Frigé
pixel Bitti

String quartet in B flat major, Op. 13/II
pixelVáclav Pichl
This second volume in the series of his Op. 13 quartets exploits each instrument equally — even the viola is allocated elaborate solo passages — and offers an attractive alternative (as Haydn realised at the time) to the standard Viennese works of this period.
Editor: Christopher Hogwood
Publication date: July 2014
Series: @Haydn
Instruments: Two violins, viola and violoncello
Format: Full score and parts
Pages: xii/16 + 16 + 3 x 12
ISMN: 979 0 708092 66 7 
ISBN: 978 1 905779 86 4
Code: HH195.FSP
Price: £27.95               more info
ed. Christopher Hogwood
pixel Concerto a quadro

Memorare for flute, viola and harp
pixelTimothy Raymond
A prayer addressed to Our Lady of Consolation, Memorare evokes images of flight and our basic human need for escape and protection. The subtle colours of Timothy Raymond’s musical language and his fine judgement of instrumental timbre combine to produce a work of immense transcendental power.

Publication date: July 2014
Instruments: Flute, viola and harp
Series: Contemporary
Format: Full score and parts
Pages: iv/14 + 3 × 12
ISMN: 979 0 708059 64 6
Duration: c.7'
Code: HH370.FSP
Price: £24.00               more information
pixel Memorare

Concerto a quadro del Sign: Hendell
This previously unpublished Concerto a quadro presumably started life as a concerto for the standard Baroque forces of flute, strings and continuo. Not preserved in its original form, it survives in a version for flute, violin, viola and cello in a set of manuscript parts apparently copied by an amateur musician in Sweden and now part of Christopher Hogwood’s collection.
Editor: Christopher Hogwood
Publication date: June 2014
Series: Baroque
Instruments: Flute, violin, viola and violoncello with optional basso continuo
Format: Full score and parts
Pages: ix/9 + 8 + 3 x 4
ISMN: 979 0 708041 88 7 
ISBN: 978 1 910359 03 7
Code: HH369.FSP
Price: £14.75               more info
ed. Christopher Hogwood
pixel Concerto a quadro

Six Trio Sonatas, Op. 18, volume 2
pixelJoseph Bodin de Boismortier
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier’s [VI] Sonates en Trio Pour deux Violons avec la Baße Op. 18, which appeared in 1727, are veritable gems of high baroque French instrumental music.
Editor: Michael Elphinstone
Publication date:  May 2014
Instruments: Two Violins, basso continuo
Format: Full score and parts
Pages: xiii/28 + 3 x 12
ISMN: 979 0 708092 95 7 
ISBN: 978 1 905779 86 4
Code: HH365.FSP
Price: £25.00               more information

“It sounds well, and is attractive to listeners [...] useful for both public and private use.”
click here to read the review in Early Music Review

ed. Michael Elphinstone
pixel Boismortier

‘Il Gran Mogol’ - Instrumental parts now available to buy
pixelAntonio Vivaldi
Previously, the parts for this recently discovered flute concerto have been available for rental only. Now, after premieres in many countries around the world – from Italy to Peru, and most recently in Austria – we have decided to publish the parts as a digital download. Each part can be printed in two formats: as single sheets or as a booklet.       more information
Two flute concertos
pixel Il Gran Mogol

Piano Concerto in B flat major, K456
pixelW. A. Mozart | J. N. Hummel
Here, for the first time in modern edition, is the second in our series of Johann Nepomuk Hummel’s superb arrangements of seven of Mozart’s piano concertos, the Concerto in B flat, K456.
Editor:  Leonardo Miucci
Publication date:  April 2014
Instruments:  Flute, violin, violoncello, pianoforte
Format:  Full score and parts
Pages:  xix/55 + 2 x 12 + 16
ISMN:  979 0 708092 86 5 
ISBN:  978 1 905779 22 20
Code:  HH355.FSP
Price:  £39.00               more infomation

The piano part is available as a separate publication

“For all pianists who love performing Chamber Music, here is a wonderful opportunity to study and perform some of Mozart’s Piano Concertos in smaller ensembles without having to gain access to a full orchestra and, at the same time, becoming totally familiar with every orchestral tutti passage ensuring complete security in the event of a conventional concerto performance.”
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ed. Leonardo Miucci
pixel Score

Four Sonate a quattro
pixelAlessandro Scarlatti
“The earliest string quartets” was how the great musicologist Edward Dent described Alessandro Scarlatti’s set of four sonatas, published here for the first time in their original scoring.
Editor: Rosalind Halton
Publication date:  March 2014
Instruments: Two Violins, viola, violoncello
Format: Full score and parts
Pages: xiv/33 + 4 x 16
ISMN: 979 0 708092 09 4 
ISBN: 978 1 905779 51 2
Code: HH361.FSP
Price: £28.00        more information

“The edition itself is typical of HH’s excellent standards”
click here to read the review in Early Music Review

ed. Rosalind Halton
pixel Scarlatti

The Edge of Self for accordion solo
pixelNirmali Fenn
Commissioned by Slovak virtuoso accordionist Milan Osadsky, Nirmali Fenn’s The Edge of Self homes in on one of the instrument’s most characteristic features — its unique capacity for producing sustained notes and note clusters.

Publication date: February 2014
Instruments: Accordion solo
Series: Contemporary
Format: Playing score
Pages: iv/7
ISMN: 979 0 708024 93 4
Duration: c.10'
Code: HH366.SOL
Price: £13.50               more information
pixel An Interior Monologue

States of Ice Diamond Dust
pixelLitha Efthymiou
This piece is a poetic representation of the ice phenomenon “diamond dust”.

Composer: Litha Efthymiou
Publication date:  December 2013
Instrument: Guitar
Series: Contemporary
Format: Playing score
Pages: iv/4
ISMN: 979 0 708092 89 6 
Code: HH363.SOL
Price: £7.25               more info
pixel Diamond Dust

Twelve Ballads
pixelJoseph Haydn
Generously illustrated with facsimiles from the original publications, which were notated on two staves, the new edition, the first in 200 years, uses three staves to clarify the voice and keyboard parts, and includes an Introduction and full Critical Commentary.

Editor: Christopher Hogwood
Publication date: September 2013
Series: @Haydn
Instruments: Voice & keyboard
Format: Full score
Pages: xviii/28
ISMN: 979 0 708059 70 7 
ISBN: 978 1 905779 99 4
Code: HH192.FSC
Price: £14.50               more info

ed. Christopher Hogwood
pixel Score

Keyboard music
pixelJohn Dowland
Editor:  Christopher Hogwood
Instruments:  Harpsichord, virginals, clavichord
Series:  Early keyboard music
Format:  Playing score
Pages:  xiii/84
ISMN:  979 0 708024 47 4
ISBN:  1 904229 57 3
Code:  HH074.SOL
Price:  £33.00               more info

“I would therefore recommend it to every keyboard-player to expand their expressive range and to every nonlutenist wanting to explore the music of Dowland, to learn about the art of variation, or to further their knowledge of this great composer.”
The Consort
pixel John Dowland
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