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Piano Concerto in B flat major, K456
pixelW. A. Mozart | J. N. Hummel
Here, for the first time in modern edition, is the second in our series of Johann Nepomuk Hummel’s superb arrangements of seven of Mozart’s piano concertos, the Concerto in B flat, K456. Any performer of Mozart’s piano concertos must have wondered how the sparsely notated sections would have been realized at the time, and no one is better placed to provide an answer than the composer’s own pupil. Even though Mozart had written a complete set of cadenzas for this work, those composed independently by Hummel, and also his added lead-ins (Eingänge), seem at least to have been inspired by his teacher’s models, providing indispensable insights into the performance practice related to this repertory. These scores create a unique opportunity for today’s pianists, and students, to perform Mozart’s masterpieces with just a handful of friends or colleagues rather than with full orchestra, or even to play them as solo works in their own right.
Editor:  Leonardo Miucci
Publication date:  April 2014
Instruments:  Flute, violin, violoncello, pianoforte
Format:  Full score and parts
Pages:  xix/55 + 2 x 12 + 16
ISMN:  979 0 708092 86 5 
ISBN:  978 1 905779 22 20
Code:  HH355.FSP
Price:  £39.00               more info

The piano part is available as a separate publication

ed. Leonardo Miucci
pixel Score

‘Dresden’ violin sonata No. 2 in D major
pixelMartino Bitti
This powerful sonata in D major is one of Bitti’s most Corelli-like creations. It opens with a composite movement in which slow sections alternate with cadenza-like quick ones. Its second movement is what the English of the time called a “double-stopped” fugue, where the single violin mimics the contrapuntal interplay of the two violins in a trio sonata. An almost comic movement follows, beginning as an Adagio, in which a “walking bass” partners deliberately mechanical scale progressions on the violin, before suddenly transmuting into a sparkling perpetuum mobile. The final two movements are more conventional: a stately Adagio in a broad, sarabande-like style and a vigorous gigue-like Allegro.
Editor: Alessandro Borin | Antonio Frigé
Publication date:  April 2014
Instruments: Violin, basso continuo
Format: Full score and parts
Pages: x/14 + 6 + 4
ISMN: 979 0 708041 51 1 
ISBN: 978 1 904229 60 5
Code: HH337.FSP
Price: £12.50               more info
ed. Alessandro Borin & Antonio Frigé
pixel Bitti

Four Sonate a quattro
pixelAlessandro Scarlatti
“The earliest string quartets” was how the great musicologist Edward Dent described Alessandro Scarlatti’s set of four sonatas, published here for the first time in their original scoring. All in minor keys, these works are unique for the energy of the fugal writing, the passionate chromaticism of the slow movements and the playful, asymmetrical phrasing of the final Minuets. The scoring leaves open a range of performance possibilities, from one to a part, with or without continuo, to orchestral performance. This new edition provides a valuable opportunity to discover the music of an innovative genius whose extensive output remains largely unexplored.
Editor: Rosalind Halton
Publication date:  March 2014
Instruments: Two Violins, viola, violoncello
Format: Full score and parts
Pages: xiv/33 + 4 x 16
ISMN: 979 0 708092 09 4 
ISBN: 978 1 905779 51 2
Code: HH361.FSP
Price: £28.00              more info
ed. Rosalind Halton
pixel Scarlatti

Six Trio Sonatas, Op. 18, volume 1
pixelJoseph Bodin de Boismortier
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier’s [VI] Sonates en Trio Pour deux Violons avec la Baße Op. 18 appeared in 1727. Each consists of four or five movements, at least one being a dance; most of the slow movements feature the familiar Corellian “walking bass”, while one of the fast movements in each sonata is fugal or based on imitative entries. Though adhering to Italian models, the sonatas also display certain French elements, along with characteristics of Boismortier’s own individual style, and their harmonic language is especially rich. These expertly crafted works — veritable gems of high-baroque French instrumental music — deserve to become part of the repertoire of all period instrumental groups.
Editor: Michael Elphinstone
Publication date:  March 2014
Instruments: Two Violins, basso continuo
Format: Full score and parts
Pages: xiii/28 + 3 x 12
ISMN: 979 0 708092 94 0 
ISBN: 978 1 905779 58 1
Code: HH364.FSP
Price: £25.00              more info
ed. Michael Elphinstone
pixel Boismortier

The Edge of Self for accordion solo
pixelNirmali Fenn
Commissioned by Slovak virtuoso accordionist Milan Osadsky, Nirmali Fenn’s The Edge of Self homes in on one of the instrument’s most characteristic features — its unique capacity for producing sustained notes and note clusters. Marked by passages of extreme stillness and others that shake with anticipation of intense activity, the piece begins highly compressed, expands in the middle to form extremely dense chords, and finally retreats, compressing to one note.

Publication date: February 2014
Instruments: Accordion solo
Series: Contemporary
Format: Playing score
Pages: iv/7
ISMN: 979 0 708024 93 4
Duration: c.10'
Code: HH366.SOL
Price: £13.50               more info
pixel An Interior Monologue

States of Ice Diamond Dust
pixelLitha Efthymiou
This piece is a poetic representation of the ice phenomenon “diamond dust”. Its light, ponderous beginning exploits the guitar’s delicate timbral qualities, while the second, more aggressive section is quite percussive in texture, depicting the full gamut of elements that constitute this elusive state of ice.
Composer: Litha Efthymiou
Publication date:  December 2013
Instrument: Guitar
Series: Contemporary
Format: Playing score
Pages: iv/4
ISMN: 979 0 708092 89 6 
Code: HH363.SOL
Price: £7.25               more info
pixel Diamond Dust

An Interior Monologue for viola solo
pixelNirmali Fenn
Inspired by American poet Clayton Eshleman’s reflections on the drawings of Henri Michaux, Nirmali Fenn creates a subdued yet highly expressive sound world in her latest work. The solo viola’s open strings, of which the top and bottom are detuned, trapping the music within a tritone pair, act like outer voices, as in counterpoint. They are, in the composer’s words, “like balloon strings”, limiting the melody lines on other strings and generating an acute sense of elasticity as the relationship between the lines is stretched to the extreme.

Publication date: October 2013
Instruments: Viola solo
Series: Contemporary
Format: Playing score
Pages: iv/3
ISMN: 979 0 708092 87 2
Duration: c.5'
Code: HH352.SOL
Price: £12.00               more info
pixel An Interior Monologue

Twelve Ballads
pixelJoseph Haydn
Haydn’s first set of Lieder, adapted for the English market by William Shield, who was to become his close friend, were an instant commercial success, with the most popular of them reissued separately not only in England but also in Ireland and America. Generously illustrated with facsimiles from the original publications, which were notated on two staves, the new edition, the first in 200 years, uses three staves to clarify the voice and keyboard parts, and includes an Introduction and full Critical Commentary.
Editor: Christopher Hogwood
Publication date: September 2013
Series: @Haydn
Instruments: Voice & keyboard
Format: Full score
Pages: xviii/28
ISMN: 979 0 708059 70 7 
ISBN: 978 1 905779 99 4
Code: HH192.FSC
Price: £14.50               more info

ed. Christopher Hogwood
pixel Score

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